Saturday, April 22, 2006

16 April 2006 - Switch Lifestyle @ Knox

On a cold and crisp Easter Sunday evening, we ventured out to seek something yummy to warm up our tummies. We headed out to Knox, home to a few other delectable looking eateries but settled on Switch Lifestyle. Switch is a well lit, bustling restaurant with seating arrangements that includes booths, tables, benches and a lounge area. They also have a bar and grill section which has a wide selection of beers and other spirits and wine.

Tossing up between whether to have the pasta or the chicken, I settled on the roast chicken just to be different. It was surprising moist and that being said, I have found that most chicken breast tends to be on the dry side. The chicken meat seemed to be lacking something and perhaps should have been seasoned better? Overall, this dish was quite light in taste, relying on the caramelised onions and sauce to infuse the chicken, bok choy and gnocchi with a light sweetness. The bok choy was well done and not overcooked, whilst the most pleasant was the fried gnocchi which was slightly crispy on the outside, fluffy on the inside. 7/10

Michael had chosen the fettuccine with chicken. The creamy pasta sauce was, well, creamy but nice with a bit of help from the salt and pepper. There was a decent amount of mushroom and avocado but in proportion to the amount of pasta, there was a generous helping of roast chicken. The chicken did taste great, but was on the dry side. 6/10

Overall, the mains were of generous proportion and served on large dishes. Only downfall I found was that cutlery kept falling into my food due to the curved sides of my plate.

Bailey's cheese cake

With 2 girls on an eating frenzy, how could we resist sickeningly delicious cakes? I've always enjoyed the cakes at Switch and of the two cakes we tried, I am to give my thoughts on the Bailey's cheesecake. I am not normally a huge fan of cheesecakes, but on this occasion, I drooled at the thought of Baileys. Accompanied by ice-cream, this cake was deliciously creamy. The Baileys was quite subtle and there was a hint of zesty orange undertones to the cake. The crust, although quite hard, was nice and reminded me of short bread. Even though I was feeling quite stuffed after the mains, this cake was definitely not a disappointment. 8/10

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