Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Update! - a new decade no longer the nought-ies

Happy New Year everyone!! I can't believe it is now 2011. I am still signing off 2010 at work and can't seem to adjust.

It's been so long since I have even looked our blog that I didn't even realise my fellow blogger Shopaholic has updated the look of the site.

It has indeed been a looong while as life has been incredibly busy. Since my last post, I have bought a house, got engaged - now a "Mrs", fell in love with cake decorating and baking, and now love to read other people's blogs about their food adventures. Their beautifully written articles and photos have inspired me to no end to get my act together.

With the aid of Facebook, I have occasionally shared my experiments and creations with friends and family. However, its not the same without extra the details and feelings that a proper posting allows.

Many a times when I have sampled something truly yummy...or not, or having made a dish that I've been proud of, I have wanted to tell the world. So I think it is time to really to do it properly.

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