Monday, October 28, 2013

Review: Sosumi Japanese Restaurant

Ask anyone who knows me and they'll tell you I looooove Japanese food. There's nothing like a fresh plate of sashimi or a good bowl of unadon to give me an instant boost for the day.

Sosumi was a little bit of a random pick - it was lunchtime, i was hungry and with a little help from urbanspoon, found a restaurant i haven't yet tried.

Sosumi is located close to Swinburne university and according to the owners, had just opened earlier this year. The menu was quite standard, but what caught my eye was black cod fish. I haven't had this in a while so I immediately knew what I was going to order.

We ordered the soft shell crab, takoyaki, black cod fish and the sosumi bento box.

The soft shell crab was crunchy and mostly well-seasoned, although a little small. There were some parts that was a little saltier, but was easily offset by the side salad.

Soft shell crab

The takoyaki was good, with big chunks of octopus. It wasn't very hot when we got it, which i think affected the taste a little. DB the takoyaki connoisseur thought the dish was only okay. 

The black cod was flaky with a smooth texture. The fish was however, a little overcooked, and was, for some reason a little wet. I thought the celery didn't really go well with the dish, and slightly overpowered the cod.

Black cod fish

The sosumi bento box was quite filling, with fresh pieces of salmon sashimi, harumaki (spring rolls), chicken 
katsu, and beef teriyaki. I thought the sashimi was quite fresh and was happy to eat it without the accompanying soy sauce and wasabi. The harumaki was also quite nice and crispy, with crunchy vegetable fillings in the roll. The chicken katsu was pretty normal and a tad oily, and the beef teriyaki was a little on the tough side.

Sosumi bento box

Verdict? I enjoyed my lunch and reckon Sosumi is a decent place to try if you're in the area.

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