Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Glen Waverley Galore - Round 1!

All of 3M's contributors have been hard at work, except me! ;__; here's some reviews to make up for my disappearance..

J.G Dumpling, 78 Kingsway Glen Waverley
We went to JG for a farewell dinner about 2 weeks ago. Wendy & I have been there just a week before after a club activity and at that point in time thought the restaurant was really good.

We basically ordered a majority of what we had from the previous meal:

Shanghai Noodle
Rating: 5
Noodle wasn't as nice as the previous time we came. It was a little oilier than I like my noodles to be. Looking back on the pictures now it doesn't seem very appetising..

Random Vegetable
Rating: 3 1/2
Salty. Unbelievably salty. It's salt + soy sauce + more salt + vege. The sauce at the bottom wasn't tasty though, so we 'washed' our vege before eating it and voila! it's fit for human consumption once again =)

Fried Chicken & Prawn Dumpling
Rating: 7 1/2
The prawn and chicken were a good combination, and the dumplings were nicely pan fried. It's nothing like the burnt dumplings I attempt to cook at home. The skin's decievingly crispy on the outside; making you take a huge bite of the dumpling, only to find the inside is hot!

Xiao Long Bao
Ratings: 6
Little Dragon Dumplings? Like the Shanghai Noodle, the last round seemed better. The XLB's were slightly drier this time round, but still decent. A friend told us that in Shanghai the XLBs are nicely steamed with yummy hot soup to slurp in the dumpling!

Red Bean & Taro Pancake
Rating: 6
Wendy was all over the Taro pancake the last time. This time round the Red Bean was nicer than the Taro! lol. My only complaint is that this dessert is too oily. Oil was oozing out from the pancake itself. Makes you think twice about putting it in your mouth when you look at it long enough.

'Artistic' Menu Shot... lol.

Mains Summary: Prices are pretty cheap compared to other places in GW. A main is priced from $6.50 onwards. They cut out a number of items from the menu though, which is a bit of a let down. Also, they don't seem to have that many choices of mains to share - I have a feeling JGD's menu caters more for individual eating, but I'm sure you can request for a bigger portion to share.


  • Service: 5 1/2 - not sure if it was due to the pending Easter holidays, but staff seemed edgy and weren't very friendly that day.
  • Food: 6 - the fried dumplings were the best main we had in JGD. The rest were just major disappointments. The portions given for extras (eg: ginger and cut chilli) were ridiculously tiny and the chilli looked as if it's been soaked for days.
  • Layout: 4 1/2 - nothing great about the layout. they don't have shades in the front of their shop - wendy was blinded by the evening sun both times when we were there. also, i can't get over the green paint on the walls. it's such a bland colour! i thought green was supposed to be soothing, but this particular shade makes you feel a bit sick. especially once you've eaten too much..
  • Overall: 6 - ok place to go to for cheap food (ie: yummy fried dumplings!) the previous experience in JGD helped the overall rating. I hope the restaurant bucks up its food quality again soon!

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