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I'm back! With really old and outdated food reviews, its time to blog! haha. I haven't been able to reply comments in the last entry though, so if you still have comments, err..comment again? =) thaaankew.

Okies. so this time. two reviews! long outdated because it was during the Easter break. =p

Review 1 - Grandma Kimchi

Expedition: girls' outing! that means lots of catching up, eating, giggling, photo-whoring (courtesy of me) and memory-capturing moments

Location: Grandma Kimchi at Bourke Street. Really nice location because it is a double storey townhouse-like structure. clear clean windows reaching up to the ceiling, good service with friendly korean staff around and an open kitchen concept at the side of the restaurant.

I recall that i really liked the ambience of the place. My first time there! Clean-cut designs with simple white table cloths and dark burgundy coloured wooden chairs and tables.


Okays. So this was my first time at Grandma Kimchi's although not my first time at trying Korean food. Doing this review although jayne was there too coz i had most of the pictures in my camera!

First, there was korean tea! really interesting flavour and i was told that it was made from corn! it was an..acquired taste really..

Our appetisers: a good variety of kimchi and err..assorted starters! It was quite yummy though coz we were hungry by then and it kicked off our appetite!

Spicy cold noodles with salmon: really spicy! but absolutely delicious. the noodles were of the right texture, not soggy but very Q. the 'chilliness' was a little bit intolerable but they had a lot of pickled carrots and salmon served with it so it was quite an enjoyable experience. hehe. jayne n phuongy did comment that each time they order this, they cant help but torture themselves coz they kinda like that dish..

the salmon was really nice and fresh to me and it was an interesting combination. a must-try really and i want to bring my friends there to try this next time! a kicker at your tastebuds! =D

A very yummilicious HotPot/HotStones/HotPlate (what is the word i forgot..=S) BBQ chicken!

okays. actually that is a very bad description of it and it does not justice to how good it tastes. but i really forgot its title coz it was so long ago! but its really nice and yummy with this teriyaki-like sauce/marination in that hotplate-like bowl and you can smell it as it approaches the table. it's served with fresh green lettuce and theres bean sprouts at the bottom of the bowl too. its like chicken bulgogi except its not called that though.. its sweetish-salty, delicious with rice and dipped with the gravy that collects at the bottom.

Another yummilicious HotPot/HotStones/HotPlate BBQ pork.

A similar dish as the one above just that this is pork. It actually tastes like char siew (sweet BBQ pork) but it has gravy at its bottom too with bean sprouts. I prefer the chicken to the pork but its a good combination to have both for different tastes. =)

Rating: 8/10. =) It put me into a really good mood this place, due to the good food, great company and nice ambience inside the restaurant although it was pouring that night! Really recommend people bringing their friends to this place for good korean. Abit more expensive than the usual korean places, but I believe it was worth my every cent.

Before and after pictures below:

Before - look at the fresh green lettuce at the foreground!

After - haha. it shows how good the food was coz although it was really quite a lot for us 3 girls, we finished everything. =)

Girly outing. =)

Review 2 - Max Brenner @ Melbourne Central

Yes! Max Brenner the chocolate man. I know how everyone goes to the MB's at QV, but did you know there's one at Melbourne Central too? It's actually quieter there and there's more variety on the menu!

So the girly outing from Grandma Kimchi transferred to MB's before we went our separate ways for the night.. (me-Amber Lounge, the others-home..hehe. really interesting night though....-ponders)

Our desserts:

Hot chocolate drinks!

Remember how I said it was pouring that night? When we finished dinner, which was about 9pm, we went over to MB's and actually decided on the outdoor sitting. -.-" so warm hot chocolate drinks had to be on the cards...

Erm. Phuongy had white chocolate and Jayne had milk but. I had english breakfast tea instead. haha. i was being anal and had tea instead becaaause.. I knew we were getting this for dessert!

Chocolate pizza! With chewy caramel and toffee bits, topped off with soft warm marshmellows and bananas!

Bananas were plentiful because this was before the cyclone hit Queensland actually..but look at that! the bread's really yummy and its not too sweet! addictive too! phuongy didnt wana have any at first because she was really full, but she caught on to it because it was that good! not scarily sweet, but it has to be shared! really a good dessert to top off the night. chocolate's endorphins made us really high and happy. =D

Rating: 7/10. I kinda liked this MB's better than the QV one although its a different crowd i guess. Melbourne Central's MB was more chill out and relax quietly whereas QV's was more of chill out but be there to be seen sorta thingy. for the city kids la. we cool girls dont have to partake in such activities. hahaha. i kid myself sometimes.

Okies. That's all for today! Will have to dig through my archived photographs for more foodie reviews!

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