Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Two random entries

o.O its an hour to my tutoring class and i have yet to edit my paper but here i am! blogging about foodies once more! psst. its just a good excuse reason to slack relax ok! hee.

Random: Baker's Delight Hot Cross Buns - Chocolate Chip

okays. so it was Easter last sunday, and when you have Easter, (if you don't actually go to church like myself) one commercial item you can't miss besides wonderfully yummy chocolate easter eggs are hot cross buns!

~Hot Cross Buns
Hot Cross Buns
Hot Cross Buns~
i forgot how e song goes. =p

you see that lovely pictures of 4 HCB? it was initially half a dozen, but of coz i wolfed down 2 of them, leaving jayne 2-3 mouths of it. haha. nah im kidding. but they are seriously that good!

Baker's Delight offers two kinds of HCB, not just over Easter but throughout the year! Get them when they are just out of the oven and they are warm, fresh and simply soft and chocolaty to your tastebuds. very different from the traditional raisin/sultana/fruit filled HCB, but we opted for this flavour to try the difference.

its cross is chocolate laced on top, with bits of chocolate chip inside the soft bread. best to have fresh and warm! after we took it home, we had to heat it up again in the oven to attain its soft bouncy feel again, but it wasnt the same anymore. =( its rock hard if you are too lazy to even heat it up. pleh.

so yes. baker's delight hot cross buns, totally delightful! only when its fresh.

Review: Don Don!

Expedition: During the Easter break, jayne and i headed down to Victoria Market on a Tuesday, basically to hunt for bargains and for me to scout out some Ugg Boots. Bargains attained, but boots were a disappointed. Met one of my clique girls in the city and we decided to have jap food for lunch! jayne was trying to tell me that this place was recommended and that it was quite a dingy place. didnt really understood what she was talking abt..o.O until i linked it to Swanston St. hehe..

Location: Corner Swanston and Little Bourke St. Don Don! Note: quaint little shop, packed during lunch hours. seldom open for dinners. Excellent jap food at a cheap price!

that's the view you see the first thing you step in DD. the order counter is on the left with the small tiny kitchen (i really wonder how they manage to cook up so much orders so fast. -ponders) and on your right there are seats by the walls. there's seating somewhere to your left side for larger groups of 3-4. outdoor seating is available as well, although i wont recommend it for a cold winter's day with gigantic pigeons hovering above you to attack your food while you try to consume what best jap food it may be. -.-

so yes. its definitely a small place. not big enough for large groups unless you choose to take away and sit outside the state library's lawn on a sunny afternoon. but other than that, it wasn't veeery dingy in my opinion. just. quaint. =)

jayne's order. chicken teriyaki bowl. -hollers in a ching chong voice: only $5.50!

my order. apparently its their specialty. SUKIYAKI BEEF BOWL!

for those sgpreans. or msians too. you remember Yoshinoya? yeah? and you eat beef? good! High-Five~!coz this tastes exactly like it and at an affordable price too after you do currency conversions to Sing Dollars. the beef bowl is really quite good for beef lovers and its a must try when you go to DD.

I still remember my first time entering DD. I was in year 1 in Australia, doing my foundation studies. my first friend in school was japanese, and her name was michi. she told me that she had already been in Melbourne for quite a while and had a caucasian boyfriend as well. in terms of jap food, she recommended DD and said that along Swanston St, DD actually has one of the best jap food around as it is actually prepared by Japanese pple and it is actually up to the standard of jap food as in Japan. i was mesmerised by what she said and at the point of time i ordered the beef bowl as well. ever since then, whenever i visit DD, beef bowl has been my only choice. (ive always wanted to try the others too, but i just didnt get the urge to order them when i see e beef bowl. =p)

so yes. beef bowl. this time though, the beef was abit dry coz i think it was already waiting for a while after it got cooked. the beef bowl is served with plentiful amounts of rice and beef on top. with japanese ginger and spring onions on the side. you team that up with BOOST!blueberry blast! and its a great combination as shown in e picture above. =D

Rating: 6.5/10. Normally i would give 7/10 but that day the beef just wasn't all that salivating for me. Nonetheless, a definite must-try if you eat beef!

Don Don DOn DOn! whee~

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