Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Two random entries

o.O its an hour to my tutoring class and i have yet to edit my paper but here i am! blogging about foodies once more! psst. its just a good excuse reason to slack relax ok! hee.

Glen Waverley Galore - Round 2!

Ok. I'm on a roll.

So, after J.G Dumpling the girls decided to head off for dessert. Someone contemplated Gelati but no way was I going to have gelati out in the cold. Someone then suggested PP, and off we went!

Glen Waverley Galore - Round 1!

All of 3M's contributors have been hard at work, except me! ;__; here's some reviews to make up for my disappearance..

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

a post and two reviews

okiees. i have had a lack of updates on reviews! been so busy and did so much eating over easter break. its already over! boo-hoo~ e life of a student it is.. look at jaayne's hardwork though..loooookkkk! e site is soo nice n yummiliciously strawberry-pink. =)

so yes, there are going to be two reviews here.. both short and sweet i hope. coz theres just somuchthingstodo and yes. not enough time! grrz. im gona take jayne n hide her with me to start studying soon. okays. enough rant and back to foodies.

Saturday, April 22, 2006

21st April 2006 - Mecca Bah
First of all a BIG well done to + shopoholic + for the wonderful coding!! The site is definitely looking quite pro. Keep up the good work!!

We attended a friend’s going away dinner on Friday night at the Mecca Bah at Newquay Promenade down at the Docklands. A lot of reviews around town have always given this place a great rap and having previously dined there, I also have a fairly high opinion of them as well. Friday night provided a good chance to sample the lamb tangine and spiced chicken pizza.

16 April 2006 - Switch Lifestyle @ Knox

On a cold and crisp Easter Sunday evening, we ventured out to seek something yummy to warm up our tummies. We headed out to Knox, home to a few other delectable looking eateries but settled on Switch Lifestyle. Switch is a well lit, bustling restaurant with seating arrangements that includes booths, tables, benches and a lounge area. They also have a bar and grill section which has a wide selection of beers and other spirits and wine.

Friday, April 21, 2006


coding all done. images all up. credits properly affixed.

*collapses in exhaustion*

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

layout = 1 . review = 0

i'm tired from coding. yes, very silly of me to take an incomplete layout and adventurously attempt to complete it by myself.

thanks to Blogskins; and Sodarnsweet5463 for the layout.
proper credits to be edited later once everything's done.

went on an eating spree over the long easter weekend and am still feeling full till today.
more reviews to be posted soon! :)

Saturday, April 15, 2006

1st and a half post: Coco Red's desserts

okies. so jayne did e review on e mains and here's my review on e desserts we had at CR.

The desserts are actually quite little in variety, with only about 6 to choose from the menu. We had the warm chocolate pudding, and the mocha icecream with Belgian white and dark chocolate.

1st Random Post - The Tamarillo

You say "Tomaito" I say "Tamarillo". So what exactly is a Tamarillo? The tamarillo, also known as the tree tomato, is an unusual, exotic, subtropical fruit and is native to South America, specifically Bolivia, Chile, Ecuador, and Peru.

1st Review - Coco Red, Monash Uni Clayton Campus

I first learnt about Coco Red from Amy, who claimed they serve the 'best coffee' topped with good service. She gets her daily fix from there and the manager is on a first name basis with her. I'll admit I was rather impressed on my first visit there (not to mention jealous! the only service-oriented staff that calls me by my first name is my ex-colleagues and the people from Boost.. after i give it to them of course)

Friday, April 14, 2006

Testing Testing - MakanMakan Melbourne in Construction! =)