Saturday, April 15, 2006

1st and a half post: Coco Red's desserts

okies. so jayne did e review on e mains and here's my review on e desserts we had at CR.

The desserts are actually quite little in variety, with only about 6 to choose from the menu. We had the warm chocolate pudding, and the mocha icecream with Belgian white and dark chocolate.

yes. so that's a picture of the desserts and my two lovely housemates. =)

The mocha icecream is the one in the foreground of the picture and it initially gave us the impression that we had ordered the wrong dessert 'cos it came out looking like slices of cake. Well, icecream cake la can anot? It wasn't the first bite of dessert that I took becaaause knowing me, I got greedy and took a big bite of the warm chocolate pudding first.

The icecream was well, mocha in flavour, and unlike the other girls, my first bite of it was actually quite good. It was creamy and coffee-ish to the taste, and if I were to liken my first taste of it, it was actually like (note keyword: like) HagenDaz coffee icecream. But of cos I was soo wrong. Thereafter spoonfuls of it, and you could taste the ice crystals in it (which btw always signalled a bad icecream to me) and the sweetness of the icecream wore off.

The dish was served with strawberries which were tasteless actually, and cream on the side. Can I just say, their cream was perhaps the loveliest thing we had from that plate.. Oh wells.

Rating for the first dessert: 5/10
It was so-so. Not even anywhere near satisfying for us sweet-tooths and probably ordinary to normal folk.

So, we move on to the chocolate pudding. OKays, so it was suppose to be warm and it was. But it wasn't pudding-ish. Erm, how do I explain it. It wasn't moist enough and basically, well, not PUDDING-ISH enough! Hehe. It was served with vanilla icecream, the same tasteless strawberries, cream and a solid circular caramel glazing. I was not impressed by this at all. Well, basically 'cos I've had better warm chocolate pudding/cake (like the one warm chocolate cake in BakerzInn in sg!) and this just didn't hit it with my sweetbuds.

Rating for the second dessert: 4.5/10
It was worse than the icecream, 'cos at least for a while I took some joy in eating the icecream. Probably not the best choice to have desserts in CR.

I would think, based on jayne's reviews on the mains and the reviews on the desserts, the best thing to have in CR would be the coffee; which we didn't get to try but have heard about from Amy. We'll have to give it a go someday to let CR redeem its status as the posh/upmarket restaurant in uni. =p

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