Saturday, July 08, 2006

Food review - Ocean King Restaurant
Location: Glen Waverly
Meal: Dinner for 7 girls

Menu for the night:
- Fried chicken in orange sauce
- Honey soy chicken
- Seafood tofu
- Oyster sauce stir fried vegies

Yes.. we almost wanted to order the lobster in the house but its companions looked too lonely if we ate it so we decided to order it some other day. =p haha.

And here, you can see the honey soy chicken in the foreground, with sesame seeds sprinkled on top. Not as nice as the one at Wah Kee in Clayton to me. I prefer more honey and smaller bite-sized pieces..

In the background on the left hand side, you have the orange sauce chicken which was pretty unique and yummy. It had a slight tangy taste to the fried chicken which was pleasant. Apparently it was one of the restaurant's specialty. On the right hand side, you had the seafood tofu (i think). Again, it was so-so to me. Wah Kee at Clayton serves excellent tie-ban tofu though. =/

Although it was mostly so-so, we finished everything on the table except the vegies in the far right background. I can't really remember why but I figured I only took the last picture when I realised the vegies were the last to arrive.

Complimentary dessert - sago with almond pudding, or something of that sort. It didnt go down well for me coz i dislike almond. =(

Rating: 6/10. I think it's just me though but I've had better at other chinese restaurants for dinner although their specialty orange sauce chicken was pretty good!

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