Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Back in action...
Call it lazy, unmotivated, distracted, preoccupied...it all describes me. This is not really an excuse for having no write ups, but I've recently had my wisdom teeth taken out. I only had to have 3 out but the experience reminded me of how much I really LOVE food. Whilst I was swollen, in pain and starving due to the fact that I kept to a liquid diet, images of yummy things just kept popping up in my head. It doesn't help that people decide to eat steak in the middle of my ordeal just to remind me that I have to stick to boring soup and porridge.

Anyways, a few kilos lighter, I am able to enjoy food again. Friends whom I hadn't caught up with in a while decided to have Korean and sing Karaoke after.
Theres this great little place next to Korean BBQ Restaurant in Box Hill's Bank Street. Its called some sort of Korean Deli and I do apologise for not remembering the name because whats in a name? That which we call a restaurant by any other would be as good.

Its a quaint little place with dolls of all sorts decorating its colourful walls. Furniture is plain and whole place, along with its owner that doesn't speak much English, gives off a very homely vibe.
There is nothing better on a chilly night to have homely food. For starters, we ordered some dumplings and a seafood/vegie pancake (warning for those who can't take chilli - there were little red bits hidden in the pancake that can catch you unawares). We also ordered the Ginseng Chicken soup which had a small chicken cooked with Ginseng, other herbs and goodies, and a bit of rice. Then for our other mains, we choose a marinated squid, a chicken and a good ol' favourite, Bolgogi Beef. And as usual, our meal was accompanied by a variety of side dishes including kim chi.

My only complaint or note to self is to not try the squid again. It was slighly undercooked and I've had better squid or octopus at other korean eateries. The best thing to try is definitely the Ginseng Chicken!

For the 5 of us, the bill came to only abt $70, making it $14 per head. I'd say thats not bad for the number of dishes we ordered.

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