Friday, August 31, 2007

What do you do at 3.30pm, on a relatively warm and windy day?
When you only have half an hour to walk around?
With no one to go around with?

. . . . *thinks thinks thinks* . . . .

You go out and try snacks and drinks from other countries of course! So off I went into one of the many Asian Groceries in the city and got myself this:


I must admit I wasn't quite sure what to expect. I was worried I might have to toss it out after a sip or two...

Verdict: The "Sweet Taro" in the drink was exactly the same as Yam-flavoured Bubble Tea; or more precisely - the same as Malaysian/Singaporean yam-flavoured ice-cream. The milk tea also tasted similar to Lipton's Boxed Milk Tea (which I will put up a pic of once I find it!), making the drink sweet and thirst quenching! Mmm.. Priced at $1.40 a box, I have a feeling I'm going to get addicted to this drink very soon..
Repeat Factor: 9/10 - Can't wait to try it again!

Korean Deep Fried Corn (drizzled with Honey) Snack

The first thing to note is that this snack is oily. Beware. You have been warned.

Verdict: Aside from that, the snack itself is pretty good in my opinion. It starts off salty but when you start crunching, you end up biting the honey drizzles, leaving a sweet after-taste. The only downside to this snack would be that it's so oily you might feel a bit queasy after a few pieces. Make sure you have access to water/tea/drinkable liquid when you eat this one!
Repeat Factor: 6/10 - An occasional indulgence that is not so great on the cholesterol levels.

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